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RUGER KEITH NO. 5 CONVERSIONSThe distinctive Keith No. 5 revolver needs little introduction to the True Believers. It is an icon and blazed trails we still ply today.

The original gun was built on a Colt SAA model. Faithful reproductions are best built today on US Fire Arms Flat Top Target models but these are costly and time-consuming to build.

Accordingly, we set out to build an affordable but authentic gun based on Ruger Flat Top revolvers that would still capture the flavor of the original. Both Old and New Model Flat Tops in both .357 and .44 Magnum calibers are well-suited to this undertaking. The factory rear sight is small and well-integrated and makes for an attractive target-style top strap.

We use the Power Custom Keith No. 5 grip frames (made from a tracing of the original grip frame) which are carefully hand polished and detailed. The bottom strap is re-machined to accommodate a proper dome-headed screw. The sides of the straps are precision ground to permit the very best grip panel fit. Bisley-spur hammers are supplied by Power Custom or Clements Custom Guns for Old Model Rugers. Please Note: Ruger is not currently producing New Model blue Bisley-spur hammers. Please Contact us before sending New Model Rugers reguarding this issue.

At the heart of the conversion is the distinctive hour-glass shaped base pin and positive lever retaining latch. The existing factory base-pin latch hole is welded up along with any other local contours, the receiver drawn in a heat-treat furnace then carefully filed true and re-polished. The assorted latch parts are fabricated and carefully and precisely fitted. The lever, a complex part with compound curves, is expertly shaped and polished in good style. While the original gun featured an elevation-adjustable sight from a New Service target model, our guns will utilize a simple Target Model Single-Action block front sight with a Keith-style blade retained by a dome-headed pin. The barrel forward of the sight is machined with the step which, on the original, was necessary to accommodate the sight which was sleeved on.

Our basic No. 5 Ruger package, based on a New Model 5 ½ in .44 Special Flat Top, will include the following modifications:

· Power Custom Keith No. 5 grip frame
· Custom Keith No. 5 base pin and lever retaining latch
· 5 ½ in. barrel with Flat Top Target front sight with Keith-style blade
· Bisley-spur hammer
· Action/trigger tune
· Black Powder cylinder chamfer
· Persinger custom ivory micarta grips
· Factory-style re-blue

… $4,495.00



Simple caliber conversions, from … $395.00
Carved ivory grips with the Mexican eagle as on the original … $695.00
Nitred base pin, screws, lever … $95.00
Color case hammer … $60.00
Extra finishing … inquire
Line-bored caliber conversions … inquire
Engraving … inquire

Please note: while our Ruger No. 5 conversions are now a cataloged item, availability will be somewhat limited by our capacity to produce them so delivery times will be a little longer than our usual work. Feel free to get in touch with any questions.


Terms: the fine print
contact & ordering

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