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please read as this is very important information.

The K-frame S&W revolvers are wonderful vehicles for all manner of small-bore cartridges. The new .327 is an excellent example and is right at home in the M14, M15 and M19 and M66 models.

Thanks to our new custom magnum-length cylinders, we can also produce these in some of the wonderful vintage small-game and varmint rounds never commercially offered in revolvers such as the .218 Bee, .25-20 and .256 Win. Mag. Even with these new cylinders, building K-frame guns still takes some part scrounging. '60s to '80s vintage K-22 cylinders are fine for .327s and .32-20s when you can find them.

If you wish to build a blued gun, you will have to scare up a barrel. M17/K22, M48 (.22WRM w/.224 groove diameter) or M53 (.22 Jet w/.222 groove diameter) will all work fine though these are model-specific as to best appearance in fit. Skinny-rib barrels from early K22s are best applied to M15s as are 4 in. M18 and M48 barrels. Longer M17 and M48 barrels will work well on both M14 and M19 receivers. Later full-underlug M16 and M17 barrels require the M19 receiver since the underlugs will show an unsightly gap at the back on the M14s and M15s. The stainless M617 full underlug barrels are suited only to the M66s. We occasionally have the older barrels and can often procure late-model full-underlug parts from Brownells and S&W.

Here is a typical labor and parts breakdown for construction:


1. Install cylinder, setting endfloat, headspace and carry-up timing … $225.00; any additional required small parts at market price.
2. Chamber to any suitable conventional cartridge … $225.00 Wildcats extra
3. Install barrel, turning up and setting the barrel gap, cutting the forcing cone and fitting the ejector rod/front bolt … $150.00
4. Rebore barrel, if need be, to .25 or .32 caliber … $250.00 including recrowning
5. Remark barrel as to caliber … $95.00; matching S&W mark add $50.00
6. Tune action … $250.00; plus any additional required parts at market price.
7. Shoot for regulation … $95.00. Please bear in mind that we may have to pin in a taller front sight in order to achieve proper elevation … from $75.00
8. Rebluing a gun is about … $195.00, depending on condition. Heavily used, dinged, pitting, goobered guns are much more.
9. In some specific guns chambered for high-pressure rounds such as the .256 Win. Mag. and .327 Fed. Mag., we will occasionally encounter a firing pin to-recoil plate clearance problem. If excessive, primers can flow into any gaps and tie up the gun or cause sticky action cycling. Cure is to fabricate and fit a custom recoil plate and recontour the firing pin nose. add $150.00
10. Occasionally, there are small incidental part and labor expenses.


1. M617 barrels, 4, 6, 8 3/8 in. lengths from $150.00 to $225.00, depending on supply and availability. M17 full underlugbarrels are similarly priced when available.
2. We have a modest stock of M17, M48 and M53 barrels available for these conversions from about $150.00 – $300.00
3. Custom long-body K-frame cylinder, both blue and stainless. $295; we have a few in both material unfluted.
4. Fancy checkered french walnut grips from Keith Brown are between $300.00 – $395.00 plus freight, depending on style.

Other modifications are available from the regular catalog ‘Options’ list. We can also supply auxiliary cylinders in compatible caliber. While building a K-frame S&W can take some treasure hunting, the results are well worth the effort. Feel free to get in touch with any questions.

Please note: We cannot provide rebores for already ported barrels due to risks of damage to both barrel and rebore tooling.


Terms: the fine print
contact & ordering

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