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Because many useful and interesting chamberings are not offered in production Ruger revolvers, Bowen Classic Arms produces caliber conversions for most any suitable cartridge. Some are based on modifications to existing barrels and cylinders while others require custom-fabricated components. Each conversion includes the necessary barrel and cylinder work including cutting a new forcing cone and crown, proper markings and rebluing. Prices are for guns in excellent condition. Those with excessive bluing wear and surface abuse may incur additional charges for rehabilitation. In most cases, aluminum grip frames will be refitted and refinished per catalog no. B452. Please specify caliber. Options include any compatible cataloged modifications such as tuning, sights, coloring, etc. Stainless versions usually available as are auxiliary fitted cylinders.


No. RS05 Simple Caliber Conversion Factory cylinders are re-chambered and barrels re-rifled, though in some cases, modified factory barrels may be utilized.

.44 Special New Model Flat Top with numerous options including high-visibility sights, lanyard ring, oversize base pin and cylinder chamfer

A fancy Old Model .44 Special with numerous options including coloring, new sights, Power Custom two-piece grip frame & Roy Fishpaw custom one-piece walnut grips.

While many caliber conversions will utilize re-bored barrels, there are cases where it is advantageous to utilize a modified factory barrel instead. Quite often, the existing barrel needs to be cut or a longer barrel installed. In order to expedite delivery (Our re-boring vendors, at this time 11/12/12 , are typically taking 9 - 12 months to deliver) we will substitute a modified barrel in lieu of re-boring and then cut the barrel to the required length and re-sight. We re-contour these to match the existing barrel and then remark in the Old Model style to maintain appearances. In these cases, we‘ll add cat. no. B300 Shortening Factory Barrel and cat. no. B310 Custom Front Sight upgrade. The same is true where a longer barrel is indicated. Since the barrel must be re-contoured, the original sight will be removed and scrapped and a custom part installed. Installing the sight and cleaning up and polishing after is at least 90% of the cost of cutting and crowning a barrel so costs will be the same as shortening a barrel. Since our custom front sight is taller (to say nothing of far nicer than the factory extruded part), we will not have to perform a pin-in sight conversion. Once all the book keeping is done, the cost of cutting the barrel or adding a longer one and installing the custom sight represents a net increase in cost of $100. This all may sound a bit confusing so don‘t hesitate to get in touch with any questions.

In some rare instances, where the costs to rebore both in  time and treasure, shorten and resight a barrel exceed the cost of simply making a new barrel, we’ll be happy to make up one. Costs of a custom barrel for the RS05 conversion would add $395.

While this procedure is applicable to nearly any revolver, it is especially suited to Old Model .357, the New Model Flat Top and the New Vaquero medium-frame guns. Typical caliber choices are .38-40, .41 Magnum, .44-40, .44 Special, .45 Schofield and .45 ACP. In most, but not all, cases, the existing front sights will be too short and a pin-in front sight conversion (cat. no. B240) will be necessary to obtain proper sight regulation. Guns factory-fitted by mistake with the .44 sight or conversions to calibers with fast light bullets such as the .40 S&W may not require a taller blade.

Please note: we cannot provide rebores for ported barrels due to risks of damage to both barrel and rebore tooling.

RS05from $1,150.00



.32-20 Old Model Blackhawk with an XR3 grip-frame and vintage hard rubber grips.

No. RS06 Cylinder and Barrel Conversion Available for both Old and New Model revolvers (including Vaqueros and Single-Sixes), this conversion was developed for small-bore calibers and includes a custom cylinder and barrel fitted with a custom front sight. Small-frame calibers include the .22 Long Rifle, .22 WRM and .327 Fed. Mag. Please note: we do not offer rim-to-centerfire firing pin conversions. Typical medium-frame calibers include the .218 Bee, .25-20, .256 Win. Mag. and the .32-20. Large-frame cylinders are long enough to accommodate the .22 Hornet, as well. The .41 Magnum is an excellent choice in the various medium-frame guns since the long cylinder will accommodate potent heavy-bullet loads. Available in both blue and stainless steel materials.

RS06 $1,995.00


No. RS06 (2) .327 Mag. Single-Six Cylinder Conversion Designed specifically for the .32 H&R Single-Sixes, this procedure affords a simple, cost-effective conversion to the wonderful .327 Magnum cartridge that utilizes the factory barrel. Includes the necessary long-body cylinder, shortening the barrel extension and recutting the forcing cone. The action is tuned and cylinder reblued. Also applicable to both blue and stainless steel Vaqueros. Please note: this conversion is available only for center-fire guns. Please see the Options section for a variety of additional modifications available.

RS06(2) $1,395.00
Refitting/refinishing the grip frame and remarking/rebluing the receiver, from $195


Bisley Single-Six in .327 Fed. Mag. caliber.

.357 Magnum Flat Top Bisley.
NO. RS07(6) 6-shot ‘LongHunter’ Caliber Conversion Built to the same mechanical standards as our 5-shot big-bores; for most New Model revolvers (not available for Old Models or Hunter Models) based on the various small, medium and large-frame revolver models. These will utilize standard-diameter, long-body cylinders for appropriate chamberings from .256 Win to .45 Colt. and will feature recessed case heads for increased dependability. Flutes and black powder cylinder chamfers can be applied as options. Because receiver dimensions vary considerably from gun to gun, a cylinder made to a fixed set of specifications will rarely ever fit properly and have correct chamber-to-barrel alignment. Re-machining the lock cavity, line-reaming the base pin holes, fitting an oversize base pin and installing a bolt bearing block and trigger pivot spacer provide tight, accurate cylinder lock-up. Precise lock-up, in turn, permits line-boring the cylinder. Using special fixtures and tooling, the cylinder holes are located and bored through the receiver ring which affords the best possible chamber-to-barrel alignment. Cylinder bearing surfaces are also re-cut to minimize cylinder endfloat. These procedures keep cylinder movement in any direction to an absolute minimum. Headpace is set at or near SAAMI minimum specs.

Conversion includes a custom round barrel fitted with a DX-type front sight; house custom front sight available on request (blue guns only). Bowen Classic Arms Rough Country rear sights and locking base pins are standard features. New, extra-length firing pins are installed to ensure dependable ignition. Each conversion includes proper markings and factory-quality re-blue (brush finish on stainless guns). Please specify caliber and barrel length and see the relevant catalog numbers for barrel particulars and compatible modifications. A variety of options are also available, including a deluxe tune-up upgrade, coloring, etc. Light-weight and ‘Kenai’ style guns are also available. Due to the near infinite number of variations, price is by quotation.

RS07(6) from $3,395.00


Terms: the fine print
contact & ordering

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