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Terms —The Fine Print

1. Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to substitute comparable parts and materials without notice. Where specifications are not noted, accepted standards will be followed. The pricing of the services listed is for guns in sound condition. Repairs or remedies for complications arising from worn or defective guns may incur additional charges. As a general rule, Bowen Classic Arms Corp. will not accept guns that show evidence of material modification and reserves the right to reject these and any arms deemed unsuitable. Please do not ask us to work on guns already refinished or modified by other gunsmiths, good or bad.

2. Parts, whether custom-made or factory-made, are supplied and installed on an exchange basis. Please do not remove parts before shipment to us. These parts are used for repairs, restorations, etc. and are valuable to us and are a component part of the prices of the services we perform. If you wish to keep the original parts, please let us know and we will make price adjustments accordingly. Likewise, please do not provide additional parts without first consulting with us.
3. Unless specified otherwise, all part fitment, finishing and bluing for modifications listed in this catalog are to factory standards.
4. Due to tremendous variations in barrel material and quality, we do not guarantee that rebores will always be successful. Rehabilitative costs are charged to the customer. Failures are very rare, however, and replacement parts are provided at cost plus installation charges.
5a. A word or two on sight regulation: In times past, we have test-fired for windage and elevation without charge on many jobs that involve front sights, barrel installations, barrel fabrication or similar work. We can no longer do so and will automatically assess a fee (noted at various cat. nos.) to cover range time and ammunition. If you wish to waive the charge and adjustments and take your chances with our educated but untested guess, just let us know. However, subsequent adjustments will not constitute warranty work and will incur the usual charges (and any related costs) to correct plus return shipping and insurance. We hope and trust that you will understand and can bear with us.
5b. Yet another word or two on sight regulation: Due to variations in shooters’ eyes, grip, local shooting conditions and the alignment of the planets, your shooting results will almost certainly differ somewhat from ours, particularly with respect to fixed-sight guns. None of us can help that. All we can do is make a serious effort to get it right for us and hope your results will be close. Bear  in mind that  you will still have to fine tune adjustable sights. Please note on the order the general sort of ammo you expect to supply. We reserve the right to charge for specialty test firing ammo that we do not ordinarily stock. All test-firing is done at 25 yards by a skilled marksman who knows what he is doing. Please do not ask us to try to sight in at ranges greater than that. Typical results at our 25 yard range will enable you to set adjustable sights for most any reasonable range. We will reshoot a gun once at our expense (but not including shipping or related  metalwork which is charged to the owner). Further adjustments are taxed to the owner.
6. To conserve the useful service life of guns and shooters, we recommend the use of mid-range loadings for extensive practice. Full-power loads should be reserved for familiarization, sighting and serious work.
7. Bowen Classic Arms heartily endorses the standing offer of Sturm, Ruger and Co., Inc. to retrofit a transfer-bar safety system to their ‘Old Model’, three-screw revolvers. The service is performed in the Ruger service department free of charge. The gun is not permanently modified and all of the original parts are returned. For more information, please contact your local dealer or Sturm, Ruger and Co. Old Model revolvers fitted at the factory with the transfer bar safety kit are marked with an ‘R’ underneath the grip frame on the receiver. Often, these guns are refitted with original parts. We will not work on them unless a safety kit is reinstalled. Any costs of parts, shipping to the Ruger factory for a kit or return freight of un-re-kitted guns will be taxed to the owner.  Please do not ask us to re-install the original-style parts in guns fitted with a  safety kit—we  will simply not do so. Note also that we do not remove the barrel warnings unless they are cut through in the course of  shortening or retapering barrels.

8. Sturm, Ruger and Co., Smith& Wesson Firearms, Colt Firearms and any other makers whose products are subject to modification do not endorse or condone any of the modifications featured in this brochure. These modifications may violate any warranties that the factories might ordinarily extend. Most, if not all, factory names, model names, etc., are registered trademarks of the respective firms.
9. Bowen Classic Arms Corporation assumes no responsibility for the use of hand-loaded ammunition in its custom guns. It is essential that the reloader exercise great care and good judgment in the assembly of ammunition. A thorough knowledge and understanding of safe reloading practices is imperative. Any reloading data provided or recommended by Bowen Classic Arms Corp. is for informational purposes only.

10. Any estimates, oral or written, made with respect to deliveries of goods and services represent our best guess at the time. Due to vagaries of the modern business world, we will not be bound closely to these estimates. Where reboring, grip making, engraving, specialized finishing, exotic tools or materials are involved, there is an exponentially elevated likelihood of delay. Please bear with us. We will do our level best to deliver in a timely manner. We do not get paid until we are done with our part of a job or very nearly so.

11. Please see the welcome/IMPORTANT INFO and CONTACT sections and downloadable order form at the CATALOG for additional terms, conditions and constraints.

12. Before ordering custom gunwork described in this catalog or purchasing guns listed at the For Sale section, please make certain that your state will allow their importation. Some states, particularly California, Maryland, Massachusetts and, perhaps, New York, may not allow the production of or purchase of custom guns from out of state or guns of certain vintages which may not meet state-imposed ‘safety’ and design mandates. It is imperative that you consult with your local authorities in hostile jurisdictions before order or purchase. In any case, firearms can be shipped only to an FFL holder. Bear in mind that there may be local charges in the form of NICS fees, state and local sales taxes and dealer transfer fees.

13.Due to the considerable paperwork, voluminous correspondence, risks and costs associated with international sales, we do not accept orders for custom revolver services, complete guns or parts beyond the borders of the United States.

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