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Dear Friends and Fellow Shooters:

Please also see the News section as it contains important developments and policy changes.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to those of your visiting our website for the first time. For those of you have been here before, welcome back. We have made several additions to the catalog over the last few years and will continue to pursue new ideas.

In order to provide not only the finest in custom revolver craftsmanship but also our best possible custom service, we offer our services in packaged form rather than a la carte. Modifications are carefully selected and coordinated to offer superior function, appearance and value. The packages are based not only on our considerable experience in the shop but also on our client’s tremendous experience in the field. Owing to the press of core Ruger work, sight manufacturing and publishing, we regret to advise we can no longer undertake non-catalog, remedial or a la carte projects. We simply have neither time nor staff now to do otherwise and still keep up. Thanks for your understanding.

If you wish to proceed with an order, the ordering procedure is simple. Start by downloading the order form from the Catalog section. Select the appropriate package from the catalog along with desirable modifications from the ‘Options’ lists, then fill out the form with package numbers and descriptions and send it along with the gun. Please be sure and review the Terms section and ordering information found at the Contact section. Note also the information and terms found with the order form.

At this writing, we can generally deliver most smaller jobs in 2 - 6 months. Major caliber conversions or more exotic catalog work requiring extensive handwork will probably require 1 - 2 years. Please bear in mind these are only our best estimates and that we cannot be closely bound by them. Unexpected delay can and do occur because of defective guns, part procurement, tool grinding and the like. Neither does our time meter run while other craftsmen—engravers, barrel reborers, finishers, etc.—have a hand in the job.

We would also like to advise payment is due upon receipt of invoices even though completion of work may still be some months away. When we send out guns to other craftsmen, our part of the job is largely done except, perhaps, for final finishing, bluing, etc. While we are pleased to assist clients with arranging these services, we can extend this courtesy only with the understanding prompt payment of our invoices is forthcoming.

Since we do not have significant administrative machinery, we are unable to provide and secure the services of grip makers, engravers, etc. In these cases, it is imperative that customers make their own arrangements with these independent craftsmen with respect to price, delivery schedule, specifications, waiting list reservations, etc. We will see to any matters involving specialty welding, color case hardening and certain finishing procedures. We will handle all logistical matters for outside service providers in their turn in the order we see best to follow. We will not, as a rule, have outside vendors ship among each other as it is important that we ascertain the guns are in appropriate condition before moving on to the next vendor in the chain. Each leg of shipping out costs a good deal in not only actual freight but also in administrative overhead for FFL log entries (coming and going), packing, generating shipping documents, purchase orders/cover letters, etc. Accordingly, we will assess a modest administrative charge for our time in addition to freight costs. To minimize confusion, we expect to manage the process on our terms and schedule. Feel free to get in touch with any questions. We are happy to make recommendations of other craftsmen.

We would also like to invite you to visit the Book section of the website for information about The Custom Revolver. Several years in the making, this book sets out in one place for the first time a detailed look at the world of custom revolver building. Heavily illustrated with much discussion of every facet of the topic, it should answer many commonly asked questions and offer food for thought when contemplating a custom revolver project. There is also much useful information on quality, accuracy, revolver building and the basic guns themselves which will be of great interest to all revolver enthusiasts.

2015 marked the 35th year of formal operations here at Bowen Classic Arms Corporation. These years have seen great progress and innovation across the pistol-building trade as evidenced by craftsmanship of ever greater refinement and sophistication. Bowen Classic Arms has been in the thick of it (indeed, we literally wrote the book on the subject).

We would be pleased to participate in your next custom revolver project and share our expertise with you. Enjoy your visit.

Sincerely yours,

Hamilton Bowen Signature
Hamilton S. Bowen
Bowen Classic Arms Corp.
Louisville, Tennessee

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